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20.7.2015 – , Viisaampi blogi, ei kommentteja

Here's the first #ParentHandleVid, a video clip demonstrating a very cool and extremely affordable hack to adding some nice vantage points to your biking videos.

Just attach a so called ’parent handle’ to your seat post – yes, the same thing that’s normally used with kids’ bikes to help – and attach your action camera to it using your handle mount. Turn the parent handle facing forward or back, or attach it upside down to get some cool ground shots. For even more flexibility, turn your camera upside down below the handle, and rotate the video 180 ° in your preferred editing software.

View the video and post yours with the hashtag #ParentHandleVid – I’d love to see all the cool stuff you come up with using this little hack.

The song in this video is Alive by For The Imperium, one of my favourite bands. See for more.

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