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BREAKING: April Fools’ Day Cancelled as ’Obsolete’

1.4.2017 – , Viisaampi blogi, ei kommentteja

Multidisciplinary group of experts agree: from now on, April 1st will be dedicated to non-fabricated news.

According to the group, consisting of researchers in the fields of politics, media, environmental studies and others, the decision was actually rather simple.

– It’s widely accepted that contrast is a central element in comedy, says Therese Nohoap, professor of Mass Communication and Communication Studies, and continues: – Considering the current state of news media, publishing fake news on 1st of April, or any particular day for that matter, simply doesn’t provide any. The joke’s gone old, so to speak.

– Look at my life, interferes dr. Plees Kilmi, who’s just finished his third doctorate in atmospheric sciences and hydrometeorology. – What more proof do you need, asks Kilmi, currently working at EPA under Trump administration.

Since fabricated news no more provide the contrast necessary to amuse the public as required by April Fools’ tradition, fresh ideas were needed. The logical conclusion was that nothing less than exposing the public to actual, non-fabricated news for a whole day would yield the element of surprise that was needed to quench their thirst for comedy once again.

The decision was met with mixed response among media conglomerates.

– We’re in uncharted territory, says Rupert Murdoch, Chief Executive Officer at Fox News Channel. – We’ve never done anything like this before, but of course we’re excited about this new opportunity.

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