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A Confused ’Alt-Right’ Reporter Used This Handy Tool – What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind!

30.11.2016 – , Viisaampi blogi, 0

It will, though! If you're a confused reporter, you really need to try this tool – before your competitors do. We're not kidding! Only Mac users for now, sorry!

If you’re lazy as well as confused, you’re free to download, unpack and install this service, and jump straight to step #8.

Step #1: Press Command and Spacebar keys to open the Spotlight Search.



Step #2: Start typing ’automator’ and double click the icon as it appears.
Step #3: Press Command and N keys to create a new document.
Step #4: Select ’Service’ and click ’Choose’.
Step #5: Start typing ’applescript’ and drag the ’Run AppleScript’ icon to the workflow area at right. You should see an example script.
006007Step #6: Replace the script with the following. Be precise! Also remember to change the marked dropdown option to ’Service receives no input’ from the default ’Service receives selected text’.
Step #7: Press Command and S keys, type ’alt-right’ as the name, and click ’Save’.
009 010
Step #8: Go back to Spotlight Search, start typing ’keyboard’ and double click the icon as it appears.
Step #9: Select ’Shortcuts’ tab and ’Services’ category, scroll down all the way to ’General’, and click ’Add Shortcut’ on your new service.
014 Step #10: Press ’Alt’ and ’Right’ – you should see the respective symbols appear next to the name of your new service.
015 016
Step #11: That’s it! Now go test your new tool. Open your favourite text editor, start writing your Pulitzer story, and remember: whenever you get the urge to type ’alt-right’, just press ’Alt’ and ’Right’ on your keyboard, simple as that! And believe or not, it really works! You just have to wait for a second or two to let the AI system process your request.